8:48 p.m.

If you have been reading my entries, you are familiar with my journey on heartbreaks and everything in between. You would know what I had been through and how I excruciatingly tried to move forward. It was not a pleasant ride. It was bleak, harsh and devastating. — I already forgot the feeling of someone […]


This is going to be my breakthrough year. A major one. 2018 would mean a lot to me. I will have a new workplace for career advancement. I will have my eye surgery. I will fulfill my dream to experience snow and do a snow angel. I will learn how to surf. I’m going to […]

A green balloon

This will be the last time I would write about heartbreaks. Simply because, I do not want to anymore. I realised that I too, have been suffering from depression for three years already. How time flies so quick that I did not notice that three years have flown by. It started with a question which […]


I’ve always dreamt of experiencing autumn– its majestic foliage, chilly weather and the maple leaves basking in the sunset. Someone told me that autumn is sad; that everything is dried, mellow and coming to an end. There’s truth in it but it also teaches us a lesson; that there’s beauty in every ending as we […]


I had two exes. One loved me too much and the other one loved me less. But can you really measure love? How do you say that a person loved you more or loved you less? I guess no one can really fathom what love is. Simply because it is abstract. An emotion. A mystery. […]


I will be turning 29 in a few days and it will be the start of the most-awaited countdown to 30! I can say that my 20s are by far the most beautiful, unforgettable and fascinating years of my life. As I look back, it has been a pinwheel of extremes: extreme happiness and extreme […]